Website Design & Development Extras

In addition to the core of website and graphic design, there are some less obvious aspects of website creation that you might not have considered. Fortunately, we can help with those too!

You can find more detailed information on our FAQ page.


We have a lot of experience in writing copy for our websites. Many clients struggle to make their text clear and concise. We can help you write copy that's easy to read for both visitors and search engines.

Well written and properly structured text is a hugely important part of SEO.

Hands typing on laptop keyboard, denoting a copywriting service.

Web Hosting

You may already have web hosting, but it's a fact that some web hosting packages are far better than others. We can advise you, but of course we'll go with with whichever hosting service you choose.

We also offer our website clients a special fully managed web hosting service. This includes all updates and off-site backups, so you don't have to worry about any of the technicalities. Find out more

Domain Name Registration

Every website needs a website address (domain name).

Choosing and registering a domain name is a pretty simple process and there are countless companies offering the service. However, some you're better off avoiding. If you haven't already registered your domain name, we can help or simply point you in the right direction.

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Site Maintenance

We also offer a site maintenance service for an additional yearly fee (The cost depends on the size and features on your website). All websites we manage are constantly updated and monitored for maximum performance and security.

Did you know, out of date versions of WordPress and WordPress plugins leave a site vulnerable to hacking? Don't worry, we'll make sure they're kept up to date.

We also test page load times, so potential customers don't get frustrated waiting for your content to appear.

We'll also ensure your website is properly backed up, even if it's hosted with someone else.

Site maintenance is included as part of our web hosting service.



Search Engine Optimisation is a complexed issue. In fact there is an entire industry dedicated to it.

Fully optimising a website requires time and attention to detail, which can cost a lot. There are also paid services such as Google Adwords which can help with ranking. Whether or not you require these services depends on a number of factors.

We don't offer a full SEO service, but we do make sure the SEO essentials are covered on all our sites.