Graphic Design

Graphic Design

Good Design Matters

Graphics play a fundamental role in delivering an enhanced UX (User Experience). We understand the importance of presenting content in an engaging and stimulating way.

A visitor should be drawn to key content, through a range of visual clues. However it's not as simple as dragging and dropping lots of random graphic elements onto a page and hoping for the best. Too many design features will confuse or irritate the viewer, especially if they look bad. Choosing and combining elements in a coherent way requires thought, experience and a trained eye. Fortunately we have many years of experience creating and manipulating graphics and images.

Supplementary Design

As well as taking care of the look of your website, we offer additional design services for print and other media. If you're updating the look of your website, it's likely you'll also need to refresh other aspects of your visual identity.

Our graphic design services are also available for other projects.

Logo Design

We can design you a new logo or modernise an existing one. If you’re happy with the logo you’ve got, we’ll integrate it into the theme of your site.

We can also incorporate your logo into designs for a range of 'applications'. These include items for print such as business cards, letterheads and leaflets, or even promotional items like t-shirts and mugs.


We can also create original illustrations, having an illustrator as part of the team.
Alan Rowe has a BA honours degree in Graphic Design and can produce illustrations in a range of styles.


Professional photographers charge a lot for their time.

We can provide good quality images for your website for a fraction of the price, by taking them ourselves or dipping into a large bank of stock images. And with our expertise in photoshop, we’re sure our images will really enhance your website.