Website Design

Website Design

First impressions are important

Your website is likely to be the first experience people have of your business – and we all know how important a first impression can be.

No matter how good your product or service, a poor user experience can put customers and clients off. Long loading times, unintuitive layouts, or unappealing design can all spell trouble. Many sites have the same ‘off the peg’ feel, while some are simply badly designed. A good website not only looks the part, but performs well and is easy to use. That’s where we come in.

How we can help

We'll design and develop your website properly: whether you need a website built from scratch or an old site redesigned.

Perhaps you want to set up a blog about a community interest. Maybe your business is growing fast and you need to add an online shop or booking system to your existing site. If you're a charity we can help you contact and listen to your supporters.

With web design it's clearly not a case of ‘one size fits all’. We’ll find the solution that works for you.

Ready to find out more?

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What we do

Intelligent design

Designers commonly overlook a number of key factors like security, navigation and page load times. Developers often forget the importance of design in the user experience. We take great care in getting these elements right, because we consider them essentials not extras.

Bespoke Service

A well designed website should stand out from the crowd. Our sites are thoughtfully designed to provide an individual look that reflects your business or organisation. We’ll incorporate or update existing visual elements such as logos. We can even create you a new logo from scratch!

At Beeches Web Design we take pride in our attention to detail. We will work with you to create a strong visual identity for your website. We're not interested in building sites that look like all the others. But don’t just take our word for it – see for yourself with some examples in our portfolio.

Efficient and Secure

A surprising number of websites are built on unsupported, vulnerable software, making them hard to update and migrate. This can also leave them vulnerable to hacking.
We use industry standard content management systems (CMS) like WordPress and Drupal.
Our websites are constantly updated and monitored for maximum performance and security, with independent backups kept off-site.
Websites hosted by us can be restored at a new host within hours.

Our Approach

We know that different projects will need slightly different strategies. After all, every client is different. However, for the most part, we can break down our workflow into six stages:

Stage 1

Free Consultation

Initial free consultation.
Establish what you want from your site and make some basic style decisions.

Stage 2


Initial wireframes (mock-ups) of 2 or 3 pages, showing how site might look on various screen sizes. Presented as a PDF.
Wireframes to be amended based on your feedback. General design agreed.

Stage 3

Design & Development

Set up a functioning website, usually on a ‘local’ computer running a virtual server. Content will be added, styled and tested but the site will only be accessible on the computer.
Final design, main features and site structure (navigation, layout etc.), will be largely resolved during this phase.
25% of the agreed fee will normally be due on completion of this stage (even if the job is cancelled). 

Stage 4


Site moved to a live server, so it can be viewed and edited on line.
Testing will be carried out on a range of devices in all main browsers. This is an opportunity for you to add/edit content yourself.
Major re-design at this stage is chargeable.
50% of agreed fee will be due, even if If job is cancelled

Stage 5

Finished Website

Once final tweaks have been made and you’re happy, we’ll move the site to your chosen web host.

Job done!


Stage 6

Site Maintenance

If your site is hosted with us we’ll continue to monitor it’s performance. This includes keeping everything updated. Sites we are also backed up daily.

We also provide a maintenance service for websites we don’t host, for a annual fee.