Frequently Asked Questions

You’ll need a few things:

  • A domain name – So people can find your website.
  • Web Hosting - Somewhere to put your website.
  • Content – Text and images to put on your new website. Let’s face it empty pages aren’t particularly interesting.

We can help you register a domain name and set up web hosting - if you haven’t already.

We can build you a professional looking, well functioning website.

We can also help you create content with our additional copywriting and photography service.

Domain names are the internet equivalent of an address in the real world. They are part of the full web address (URL) - the important part, the bit you own.

In our case is our domain name. The full URL for our website is

A URL is what web enables browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge etc. - to locate your website.

The naming system is carefully regulated to prevent duplicate addresses. So once you’ve secured your domain name no one else can use it for as long as it’s registered to you.

It’s extremely important not to allow your registration to expire. If it does expire, it will become available to others and you risk losing the domain name. Your website will also disappear if your registration lapses.

There’s are hundreds of domain name registrars to choose from, some more expensive and some better than others.

If you haven't already registered your domain name, we’ll be happy to help or point you in the right direction. 

Many domain name registrars also offer web hosting, often at very low prices. These may well be adequate for your needs, but as is usually the case, you do get what you pay for.

We offer our own web hosting package, but we're also happy to help you use external hosting.

Free "website builder" tools are adequate for basic "shop front" sites showing just contact information and they are a quick way to get online, so they have their place. However, they're not so good for standing out from the crowd or adding unusual features, and their proprietary technology makes them difficult to move to a new host in future.

People often end up moving to a content management system like WordPress in order to get all the features they want. We can set this up and take care of all the technical stuff for you, as well as making sure your emails get delivered reliably.

That's a real 'How long is a piece of String?'  question because there are so many different kinds and sizes of website.

The easiest way to find out how much your website is likely to cost and what options are available is to get in touch.

Remember our initial consultation and subsequent quote is free of charge.

Below is a general price guide*.

Small website
Up to 5 pages with limited features - e.g. an image gallery, contact form, location map, simple blog & social media integration.
£300 + 
Medium Website
A larger range of features - e.g. multiple image carousels, more complex survey or membership forms, basic e-commerce, events listings.
£600 + 
Large Website
More advanced features - e.g. booking system integration, a customised newsletter integrated with blog/social media, mailing list, CRM (Customer Relationship Management), online chat.

*For more details about our pricing see our Terms & Conditions.

Most people have heard the term Search Engine Optimisation or SEO, but what does it mean and do you need it?

Simply put, it’s about making sure that people searching for your website using specific phrases will find your site on the first page of search engines like Google and Bing. If your site doesn't appear there then it may as well not exist so yes, it's important. 

We make sure all our sites conform to Google's SEO basic guidelines. In addition, we can help you choose your search phrases wisely and generate interesting content that visitors to your site will actually want to see and recommend.