Web Hosting

We take care of everything involved in hosting your new site (or an existing site), so you never need to worry about the technical details again. 

We register your personal domain name, configure DNS settings and regularly monitor performance, security and backups. If your site is attacked we will protect it or perform disaster recovery. We can also set up or troubleshoot email accounts to ensure fast reliable delivery in both directions, effective spam filtering and reliable archiving. 

We can even update your content for you or provide training, and we can optimise your site for search engines, accessibility, small screens and to help you attract visitors.

Hosting Options

Option 1 – Sharing our private server, £60/year

  • We normally host customer sites on a fast virtual private server (VPS) located in a secure datacentre in the Netherlands. The hardware is fully redundant, has 24/7 monitoring and is powered by renewable energy.
  • All software inside our VPS is managed and supported by Beeches IT – normal business hours apply but we do work weekends. We continually update everything for maximum speed and security, including things other hosts may miss such as WordPress plugins and PHP and SQL versions.
  • The package includes free backups, with initial snapshots taken every 4 hours and daily backups stored in two off-site locations. If there’s a disaster, your site and email accounts can be restored to a new web server by any competent web technician within hours. The best backups in the industry!
  • We optionally take care of your personal domain registration and all your email addresses as well. We’re really good at ensuring wanted emails are delivered quickly and reliably in both directions and spam is kept to an absolute minimum. All the technical details are taken care of, including SPFDKIM, PTR and DMARC records.
  • We can show you how to update your site content yourself (including social media accounts), or do it all for you. Additional charges may apply.

Option 2 – Your own private server, managed by us

  • A busy eCommerce site may benefit from having its own private server. This could be a VPS, “cloud” hosting or a dedicated server. We have set up many private servers for customers in different countries. Prices vary by size and location but are typically around £20/month.
  • Such servers require maintenance, and are typically sold “unmanaged”. We supply skilled management and troubleshooting from £240/year.

Option 3 – Supported on an external host

  • If you prefer to keep your hosting at an existing external host, we work with their support people to achieve a similar quality result.  We isolate you from awkward technical questions and can quickly move you to a different host or domain registrar if necessary. 
  • We are still here to help if you get in trouble, charged at an hourly rate or on a retainer. From £60/year (plus external hosting fee).