Website Design

Having a website is one thing - having a well designed, well developed website is another.

In fact, a badly built site can do you more harm than good.

Pages that take forever to load, ugly graphics, broken links and hard-to-find content are more likely to lose you visitors rather than attract them.

So, what does make a well designed, well developed website?

That’s a difficult question to answer in a few paragraphs.
However there are certain key factors which are frequently overlooked.
We consider these essentials not extras.

Bespoke Design

Many sites have the same ‘off the peg’ feel while some are simply badly designed. 

Our sites are thoughtfully designed to provide an individual look, that reflects your business or organistion.
We will incorporate and where appropriate update existing visual elements such as logos.
Alternatively we can create a new visual identity from scratch.

Find out more about our design services.

Efficient and Secure

A surprising number of websites are built on unsupported, vulnerable software, making them hard to update and migrate. This can also leave them vulnerable to hacking.
We use industry standard content management systems (CMS) like WordPress and Drupal.
Our websites are constantly updated and monitored for maximum performance and security, with independent backups kept off-site.
Websites hosted by us can be restored at a new host within hours.

We also  test page load times do potential customers don't get frustrated waiting for your content to appear.


A secure, well functioning website, that looks the part but can't be found by search engines such as Google and Bing is also a major problem.
The fact is, a website without visitors isn't going to be much help to your business or organisation.
We'll take care of Search engine optimisation (SEO). 
We can't guarantee you top ranking on a search results page, but we will help make sure you're content is relevant, and appropriately formatted in a way that keeps search engines happy.